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Elettro is a company specialized in technical services on RECTIFIERS, UPS and BATTERIES especially inside refinery, industrial production and power generation plants.
In power conversion field Elettro has inherited an important experience dating to 1935; today it is a dynamic company that supplies a wide range of professional services.


Our recent statistical studies, based on our last 7000 technical activities, show that three are the basic ways that allows to reach the full control of equipment reliability and efficiency: preventive maintenance, systems design and optimization, training courses.



Professional maintenance is a must. Our statistics prove that equipment malfunctions decrease drastically if periodic testing and timely replacement of specific components, including batteries, are carried out.
Activities limited on repairs, or on maintenance which doesn’t exercise simple and precise knowledge, involve recurrence of the fault, maintenance team substantial commitment, costs, continuous alarms and critical situations.



System design and optimization

Systems design and optimizations allow important saviour of human and economic resources. In order to introduce technical changes and additional devices, able to increase reliability, efficiency and safety, our service activities are focused on analyzing the overall power system layout and architecture plan. Most situations can be bettered at a low cost.



Our first suggestion is technical training course, the only way that allows maximum maintenance professional level, that means full control on your industrial conversion equipment and reduction of management costs. Training courses will give your team all the practical and theoretical knowledge daily used by the most specialized service companies.
Your maintenance staff can reach full confidence and professional autonomy managing their power conversion systems, preserving or improving the reliability, working safely using recommended tools, instruments and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In addition to the above mentioned services, Elettro supplies a wide range of products: industrial batteries, professional tools, personal protective equipment, spare parts for rectifier and UPS, standard and customized power conversion systems.

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